你知道悉尼今日最顶尖的公校是用当年流放犯人的名字命名的吗?你知道悉尼今日最顶尖的私校是由流放犯人创办的吗? 你知道当年菲利普船长为什么选择悉尼湾作为落脚地,从而成就了今日的悉尼?



第二个行程“植物园-麦觉理街-海德公园”将于10月18日星期日上午10点在Circular Quay开行,全程约2小时。如果你住在悉尼,有兴趣参加这项活动,欢迎通过下面表格与我们联系。我们将在出发日前7到10天通知你报名确认。

Direct Link Travel is currently conducting “Sydney: Stories & Histories” series walking tours. On Sunday 20th September, we successfully held our first tour – “Sydney Cove & The Rocks”. Despite the dreary weather and rain in the morning, all participants were excited and interested in the hidden stories behind the sites of our city.

These are free tours. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, we hope these tours can bring you joy as well as to provide an opportunity to learn more about our city’s past. Each tour will be limited to 12 participants and strictly follow NSW COVID-19 safety guidelines. Tours are commentated in Chinese.

The next tour “Hyde Park and Macquarie Street” will be held on Sunday, 18th October at 10:00 am, departing from Circular Quay. Tour duration is around 2 hours. You are welcome to join us by filling out the contact form below to express your interest. You will be advised of the tour confirmation 7-10 days prior to the tour date.

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