Greycliff House Vaucluse

When talking about Sydney’s suburb of Vaucluse, people usually connect it to expensive houses and rarely notice its historical significance. The upcoming “Sydney: Stories & Histories” tour in May will take us there to explore Vaucluse’s beautiful beachside, visit couple of its historic buildings, and discover its rich history.

The tour will be held on Saturday 15th May, commencing at 10:00 am at Greycliff Avenue, Vaucluse, finish at around 1:00 pm at Vaucluse House. Participants can reach the departure point by driving, free street parking is available in Greycliff Avenue; or taking bus 325 from Sydney Town Hall or Edgecliff train station, get off at Nielsen Park stop at the corner of Vaucluse Road & Greycliff Ave.

The tour cost is $35 per adult (include admission fee to Vaucluse House). We accept and welcome the use of “Discover NSW” vouchers issued by the State Government. The tour will be commentated in Chinese and English. You are welcome to join us by filling out the booking form below. Bookings will be closed on Thursday, 6th May.



提到悉尼东郊的Vaucluse, 一般人想到的都是它的豪宅,却很少关注它的历史和其中的故事。本期的《悉尼:故事与历史》系列游将选取Vaucluse,除了在它的海边步径徒步,欣赏悉尼港美景外,我们会通过几所历史建筑,发掘其背后的故事,从而使大家可以从另一个角度了解悉尼的过去。

该行程将在5月15日星期六上午10:00在Vaucluse的Greycliff Avenue起行,约中午1点在Vaucluse House结束。参加者可以驾车前往,Greycliff Avenue有免费停车位;或从Town Hall和Edgecliff火车站搭乘325路巴士,在Vaucluse Road & Greycliff Ave街角的Nielsen Park站下车到达出发地点。

该行程费用为每人$35(包含Vaucluse House门票)。我们接受和欢迎使用新州政府发放的“探索新州”消费券。欢迎大家通过下面表格报名参加。报名截止日期为5月6日星期四。

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