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Following the first two walks of the “Sydney: Stories & Histories” walking tours on the 20th September and 18th October, the third walk “Port Jackson & Art Gallery of NSW” will be held on Sunday, 29th November.

In this tour, we will be walking through the Botanic Gardens to Mrs Macquarie’s Point and talking about the history of the area. We have also invited Mr Di Wu to talk about art history of Australia through the commentary of some artworks in the Art Gallery of NSW. Mr Di Wu is an artist in painting and also a member of the Artist Association of China, the Art Master of Central University of Art, China, and the Master of Art, UNSW.

This tour is commentated in Chinese, and will start at 9:30am and finish at around 12:30pm. The group size will be limited to 18 people, and will strictly follow NSW COVID-19 safety guidelines and the guidelines provided by Art Gallery of NSW. This is a free tour, and you are welcome to join us by filling out the contact form below to express your interest. You will be advised of the tour confirmation 7-10 days prior to the tour date.

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